Company Profile:

  • Future Spider LLC
  • T164-0011, Tokyo, Japan, Nakano-ku, Chuuou 1-6
Web Master:
Web Development
NextCloud service development (8 months)
  • NextCloud integration with AWS S3 object storage
  • NextCloud customizations
(PHP, NextCloud API, AWS S3 Object Storage REST API)
Parking lots trading platform (6 months)
  • Development (6 persons team) of a parking lots (rental) trading platform to target construction companies
(GCP, Python, Django REST Framework, Go, React, Javascript, HTML, CSS)
Tokyo Tech Research Repository (8 months)
(Java, Tomcat, git, Junit, Selenium, Fluentlenium, ORCID2.0 API)
Voice recognition (1 year 3 months)
  • Developments on the Video Retrieval System for Diet Deliberations
  • Prototype: enabling speech recognition in the application, with Chrome Web Speech API
(PHP, Javascript, Symfony)
Speech Recognition Research (1 year 4 months)
  • Development of a speech recognition web API and a web site that queries a video database by voice
(Javascript, Websocket, jQuery, Web Audio API, PHP, Linux, Julius Speech Recognition Engine)
Taxis Routes Optimiser Prototype (6 months)
  • Web application to optimise the routes taken by taxis, knowing the addresses and the required arrival times (Clustering done with C-Means algorithm)
(javascript, Google Maps API)
Garuda Prototype (1 year)
  • Garuda is a platform used by SBI that allows different biology tools, databases and services to interoperate seamlessly through an open and standardised interface
  • Development of a web based prototype of Garuda, that allows Java clients, C++ clients and Web HTML5 clients to exchange data seamlessly
(Javascript, Node.js, WebSocket, Java, C++, HTML)
Software Development
Recognizer Verifier (11 months)
  • Development of speech recognition and speakers separation programs
(C# + AMI Voice SDK, Python, Jupyter Notebook, Shell script)
Android Crest Muse library (3 months)
  • Developments to port the Crest Muse sound library to Android
(Java, Android SDK)
TermEngine (3 months)
  • Developments to improve the performances (decrease memory usage) of a text analysis engine that calculates terms relevancies and frequencies, to be able to process hundreds of thousands of documents at once
(Java, Lucene, Linux)
Patents Comparison System (9 months)
  • Development of a system to compare English, Chinese and Japanese patents and assess if the claims are the same
  • POS Taggers to analyse the texts: StanfordNLP for English, NMeCab for Japanese, FudanNLP for Chinese
  • Translation APIs: Bing and YouDao
  • Dictionary lookups extracted from Weblio
EMA (2 months)
  • Ecological momentary assessment (EMA) involves repeated sampling of subjects’ current behaviours and experiences in real time, in subjects’ natural environments
  • Web application that collects data from the Funf Journal Android application and other android clients, in order to study the behaviour of borderline patients
  • Wrote an android java library that enables an android application to post data to a JSON-RPC service that will save it to MongoDB. The data is buffered in a SQLite DB inside the client application
(Funf Journal Android App, Java, Android SDK, Node.js, SQLite, MongoDB)
Questions Sequencer (4 months)
  • Android application used to ask psychology-related questions to patients and calculate scores based on different parameters
  • The application asks a succession of questions to the patient who must choose between 5 possibilities in a limited time
(Java, Android SDK)
Domain Names

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